GLBL YOGA on the Great Lawn

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The Urban Zen Foundation is honored to be a part of GLBL YOGA‘s remarkable yoga event happening on August 16, 2012. On that day, GLBL YOGA will turn Central Park’s Great Lawn into the world’s largest yoga studio. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers will be united by the practice of yoga, led by world-renowned teachers Elena Brower, Seane Corn, and two yogis very close to our hearts UZIT teachers Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee.

We invite you to watch this video to learn more:

We are humbled and filled with gratitude to GLBL YOGA for including as one of their charity partners for this event. GLBL YOGA will donate $100,000 to these charity partners, distributed equally. In addition, GLBL YOGA will donate 50% of any funds raised over the goal, and 50% of any net proceeds from other sources (e.g., sponsorships, merchandise).

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Rodney Yee on Life as a Father

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P11502041 Rodney Yee on Life as a Father
My life started over again the moment each child was born. With every birth, I was propelled into a new universe where love, commitment, responsibility and fear took on radically larger proportions. For me, I could never have imagined what an impact children would have on both my internal and external life.

Yoga was essential to my own health and wellness, especially when there were so many core shifts. Even if totally arbitrary, I could use my practice as my sanctuary and my center. For my children, they saw their Dad get on the mat every morning and they began to adjust accordingly. They would sit on my lap as I did pranayama and they would use downward facing dog as a climbing gym. Practice became not only a time for myself; it became a time of togetherness for my family.

The challenges of being a father are different than the challenges of creating a balanced yoga practice, but both are essential for my psychological frame. Fear for my children’s well-being and safety can occupy my entire mind unless I practice and ground myself in the truth of the unfolding moment. Letting go of the pretense of control as your kids leave the house and become adults can serve as a wake-up call and an education in and of itself. Because of Yoga, this process is not unfamiliar and allows for a more skillful and easier transition. Everything about being a father is constantly in flux and takes great self-knowledge in order to bestow the light of love and compassion as clearly and deeply as possible.

The practices that are embraced in the Urban Zen philosophy of life are my tools for being the father that I so want my kids to have.

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A Conversation with Phil Swain, CEO of YogaWorks

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 A Conversation with Phil Swain, CEO of YogaWorks

Last month, the UZIT Program launched a new partnership with YogaWorks that will allow us to reach communities throughout the country to make the UZIT training accessible. Yoga Works mission to honor and embrace each student’s search for personal growth, wellbeing and fulfillment is shared by the UZIT Program. In a departure from our tradition 12-month program, the UZIT Program at Yoga Works has been divided into two levels and is now available in Los Angeles. We look forward to offering this program at Yoga Works studios across the country.

Level I provides instruction of months 1-4 of the 500-hour program, which focuses on self-care and serves as a prerequisite for Level II. The second offering, Level II will continue the UZIT training with professional practice in the healthcare community that includes 100 hours of clinical rotation practice. UZ is honored to partner with Yoga Works and we’re excited of the possibility to expand this partnership throughout the 23 Yoga Works communities. We spoke with Phil Swain, CEO of Yoga Works about our partnership and mutual goals.

Urban Zen: Why did you decide to offer the UZIT Program to your community?

Phil Swain: We’ve been following the Urban Zen program since its inception a few years ago and truly feel like it’s the best organization for YogaWorks to align with to make a real impact on the medical community. YogaWorks sees the power of what yoga can do and partnering with Urban Zen allows us to integrate the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga to enhance the patient care experience.

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