Women, Creation and Production: A Haitian Celebration

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DSC 9034 copy Women, Creation and Production: A Haitian Celebration

This week, our Founder Donna Karan is off to Haiti. Among many exciting events and happenings, Donna will be participating in the Annual Women, Creation and Production Trade show, which is organized by “Voix Essencielle” -Femmes en Democratie, a Haitian nonprofit organization. This international trade show promotes Haiti’s creativity by offering a platform for Haitian women entrepreneurs and artisans to showcase their talents and stunning artistry. The experience brings together a community inspired by innovative, handmade, fair trade products.

With Mother’s Day on all of our hearts and minds this weekend, we wanted to take a moment to especially honor these soulful, creative women of Haiti and their entrepreneurial ventures – a truly symbolic way to celebrate women, mothers and the rebirth of Haiti.

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A Prayer for Boston

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r NEW YORK LOVES BOSTON huge A Prayer for Boston

When tragedy strikes, we are often left completely dumbstruck by the senselessness of it all. Our well-being practice has helped us create and sustain a space from which we can maintain our calm despite the chaos transpiring in the world around us. It’s from that calm that we can hold space for others while they grieve and process what they need to process. With more news surfacing about the explosions in Boston on Monday, we imagine that many are feeling angry, devastated or hopeless. Gandhi said, “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” With situations like this happening more and more frequently, we must ask ourselves what it is we need to learn? Why does our collective consciousness project these situations, and why aren’t we healing from them and moving on? Maybe we can love more, maybe we can be more peaceful or even more accepting. One thing is for sure, peace is an internal process that begins with our own heart and hands in the way we touch others and interact with the community around us.

Our gracious friends KOSHIN and CHODO from New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care have provided us all with the following prayer to deal with each other and ourselves more compassionately at this time. We are so grateful to lean on our community for a healing voice to share with you all.


May penetrating light dispel the darkness of ignorance.
Let all suffering be resolved
and the mind-flower bloom in eternal spring.
We offer cherry blossoms, incense and light to all those in Boston killed, harmed and those whose suffering led them to harm
and all those working towards
the ending of those afflictions.
May they be serene through all their ills
and may we realize
the awakened harmonious way together.

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The Power to Heal Yourself

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escapefire news main The Power to Heal Yourself

“You have the power to heal yourself,” said Dr. Martin Erlich, clinical director of Continuum Center for Health and Healing, to a sell-out crowd of moviegoers and healthcare advocates last Monday night. The movie screened was award-winning documentary “ESCAPE FIRE: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare,” which, according to the film’s director and producer, Matthew Heineman, was inspired by Urban Zen founder Donna Karan and “her leadership in the integrative medicine movement.” ESCAPE FIRE identifies the illnesses pervasive in our healthcare system while at once acknowledging opportunities for creative solutions to emerge and become the force that drives this conversation to change.

At the Q&A, Donna called ESCAPE FIRE “a call to action for all of us,” following that statement with a string of thought provoking questions on how we can collectively “join forces to really change the healthcare system and put the care back in healthcare.” Ever ready to spread the gospel of Urban Zen, Karan spoke on how the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program uses yoga and other healing modalities to care for a patient’s mind, body and spirit in conjunction with the care they are receiving in hospitals.

After the screening, which was hosted by Donna Karan and Roadside Attractions, Dr. Erlich praised the film as “an incredibly powerful examination of our current healthcare system.” ESCAPE FIRE provides answers and new ways to address questions surrounding a glaring increase of American endemics despite a booming growth in industries surroundi

ng healthcare. The film “follows dramatic human stories as well as leaders in fighting to transform healthcare at the highest levels of medicine, industry, government and even the US Military,” said Heineman. This is the story of a nation calling for a more human way to deal with our health. ESCAPE FIRE is available on iTunes and Video on Demand and you can learn more about the film here.

If you’re curious about Donna’s other projects and inspirations take a peek at her diary.


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