The 3rd Annual Women in the World Summit

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wiw The 3rd Annual Women in the World Summit

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” – Madeleine Albright, Women in the World Summit, 2012

Community. It’s one of the most important, most fundamental elements of the Urban Zen philosophy. We’ve seen passion amplified exponentially because of a shared commitment to create change and we’ve seen innovative solutions born out of collective conversations. From the very beginning, women have always, always been an integral part of our community and like the above quote from Madeleine Albright conveys, we believe that creating a sisterhood of support is essential.

Our founder, Donna Karan, has a huge heart for women and has long understood how important it is for women to support each other. It is because of these things that the Urban Zen Foundation team attended the Daily Beast’s 3rd Annual Women in the World Summit, which kicked off on Thursday March 8th, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The three-day event, hosted by Newsweek and The Daily Beast, brought together some of the most prominent figures in business, politics, women’s rights and journalism to discuss the most prevalent issues affecting women today. With an itinerary that literally included hundreds of women, it’s difficult to concisely convey the enormity of wisdom, passion and motivation that was shared at the summit. With powerhouse women like Secretary Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Madeleine Albright, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Sheryl Sandberg, Zainab Salbi, Diane Von Furstenberg, Sarah Brown and Chelsea Clinton taking the stage to give voice to the rise of women, the on-going fight for equality and the necessity of coming together, it was impossible to not want to be a part of this compelling story of change.

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Tina Brown Launches the Women in The World Foundation

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wiw tina brown Tina Brown Launches the Women in The World Foundation
Last night was remarkable. In the midst of chaotic Fashion Week,
Tina Brown brought together incredible women for the kick-off gala of her Women in the World Foundation, which is the evolution of her very inspired Women in the World Summit Series.

I was honored to participate in the evening as a co-host, where I had the opportunity to talk about someone who has been an endless source of inspiration for me: Hillary Clinton. She has tirelessly paved the way for women everywhere. No matter the role she takes on, whether it is Mother, Friend, Wife, First Lady, Senator, Presidential Candidate, or Secretary of State, Hillary leads fearlessly. Hillary is a model for how to create real change in this world.

I believe in strong women, but I also believe in strong men, which is why I shared how important it is to partner with our men in the fight for the advancement of women. We are all connected; we must create the change together.

To see so many courageous women come together to share bold, often-heart wrenching stories, revealing the complex truth about women and girls was dramatic, effective and motivating. I loved hearing Meryl Streep’s reading of an Afghan women’s transcendent journey from child-marriage to independent, empowered entrepreneur. And, I love that this transcendence was made possible through my dear friend Zainab Salbi’s organization, Women for Women International.

Supermodel Liya Kebede spoke beautifully on her commitment to advancing maternal health and, Diane von Furstenberg shared the story of her mother, a woman who survived a concentration camp and went on to lead a beautiful life.

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Urban Zen at the Clinton Global Initiative

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cgi1 Urban Zen at the Clinton Global InitiativeJenna Bond-Louden, Director of Development, shares reflections from this year’s Clinton Global Initiative American meeting.


By Jenna Bond-Louden

Last week, former president Bill Clinton convened the inaugural CGI America meeting in Chicago where the message was clear: we each have the power to respond to and overturn the challenges of the economy.

The theme of the summit was creating domestic jobs, attracting over 600 individuals from the private and public sectors committed to making it easier for more Americans to find work.  From engaging returning veterans in the workforce to attracting more candidates to teaching careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, the event was a productive two days leading to commitments designed to bring more Americans to employment.  Women were leading the charge, including our friend Tina Brown of the Newsweek Daily Beast Company and Jennifer Granholm, former Governor of Michigan, who led a conversation on American success stories.

For Urban Zen, this event was a special opportunity to connect our work to train nurses in integrative therapies to the larger community focused on supporting the healthcare workforce.  Our Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program has reached from our longtime collaboration with Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC to our most recent partnership with the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future.

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