A Conversation with Tim McHenry, Producer at the Rubin Museum of Art

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Photo Credit: Michael Palma

Tim McHenry, producer at the Rubin Museum of Art since 2003, has been active in the arts for decades, beginning at the Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland and the Zurich Opera in Switzerland. As artistic director of the Armistice Festival (1988) he also edited an anthology The Lost Voices of World War I, published by Bloomsbury. He has also worked for Vanity Fair and The New Yorker where he programmed for the annual New Yorker Festival for the first four years. In charge of the programmatic content of the Rubin Museum of Art since its founding in 2004, he has developed, among many brilliant offerings, the successful series BRAINWAVE. This year, Urban Zen is proud to collaborate with the Rubin Museum for this groundbreaking series.

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Tim. Here, we share the highlights of our conversation:

Urban Zen: Why did the Rubin Museum curate and produce BRAINWAVE? Does this build on previous programming?

Tim McHenry: In many practices of Buddhism, to reach enlightenment you need to have complete understanding and control of your mind. But how can you control your mind if you don’t know what your mind is? With that basic, simple question, the idea was born of having neuroscientists meet with people from other walks of life to talk about a subject of common interest, their brains and their minds. The on-stage conversation series was of course fuelled by the Dalai Lama’s well publicized interest in mind science and it seemed an ideal way in which the art in the museum could be seen to be relevant to contemporary sensibilities.

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