Acumen Fund at Urban Zen: Celebrating 10 Years of Changing the World

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accumen collage Acumen Fund at Urban Zen: Celebrating 10 Years of Changing the World

Innovation and inspiration were the words that reigned supreme at the Acumen Fund 10-year celebration that took place on Thursday, November 10th at The Urban Zen Center.

It was a powerful day that enveloped all in the belief that you, in fact, are a part of something so much bigger than yourself. The program for the day and the conversations shared served as a stirring reminder that when you find yourself in the midst of global game-changers, you can’t help but reevaluate your own potential, your own ingenious ability to create positive, irrevocable change. This is precisely what Jacqueline Novogratz has done through Acumen Fund, a non-profit global venture fund that uses entrepreneurial approaches to solve the problems of global poverty. As CEO and Founder, Jacqueline has taken her own base-line understanding of her ability to change the world and has motivated an entire community of people to believe that they, too, can leave this world a better place.

It was a day-into-evening affair that allowed for all facets of the ever-growing Acumen Fund team to take the stage, share highlight of their progress, their quests for always seeking a better way, and their vision for the next ten years. One by one, representatives from all over the world shared their stories with a room full of invested listeners. They talked about their triumphs and their substantial struggles. They touched on the pivotal lessons they’ve learned and the ways in which their lives have changed course. From young Global Fellows to seasoned corporate leaders, the Acumen Fund is weaving together a committed community of inspired and inspiring individuals who are convicted by their beliefs.

More than just their convictions, the Acumen Fund community is committed to celebrating progress. The evening portion of the program captured this beautifully, especially when a Bollywood flash mob dance session broke out in the middle of the room. It was festive, yes, but also represented a more poignant message: a commitment to humanity is ultimately a celebration, not a tragedy.

The Urban Zen team feels only honored to have played a small role in Acumen’s 10-year anniversary celebration. We are taking from the day many pieces of highly applicable wisdom and we leave you with these words from Jacqueline Novogratz, “Listen to each other like you know you will be the ones to change this world.”

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This Week’s Community Highlights!

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 This Weeks Community Highlights!
It was a busy week for us. With the WIE symposium, the book launch for @PIH’s Paul Farmer, and Donna Karan’s appearance on CNN, our Twitter feed was abuzz. Many thoughtful women took to their smartphones in order to share with the world the inspiration they felt from the symposium attended by leaders such as Arianna Huffington, Christy Turlington, and our very own Donna. Our contest winners, especially @katiewsimon, were documenting their amazing opportunity to accompany our founder throughout the two-day event. We were thrilled by the theme of women and girls as part of the Annual Meeting for the Clinton Global Initiative. Our founder Donna Karan and Executive Director Myra Magaletta, including many of our followers such as @Alayna, were deeply moved by speeches from President Obama and the Clinton family as well as the heartfelt commitments from so many influential world leaders. Coincidentally, we had two Presidents at the Urban Zen Center for the launch of Paul Farmer’s latest book, “Haiti, After the Earthquake. We were excited to have @erinschrode join us for this special evening. She is a founder of @theschoolbag for Haitian children and filled up our Twitter feed with her enthusiasm. Last but not least, our Twitter party for Donna’s appearance on @PiersTonight was a big hit. @RikaJ83 felt Donna portrayed Haiti in a realistic but positive way. @JATetro felt the Urban Zen’s mission for Haiti could be applied to global health initiatives. Others were excited to see our artisan crafts on the show, such as @mariansalzman. We want to thank Twitter friends such as @colleenecleary for spreading the word about the Twitter viewing party as well.

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September Foundation Ambassador – Andrea Higham

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andreahigham 108x150 September Foundation Ambassador   Andrea Higham
Since 2002, Andrea Higham has served as director of Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future and has been instrumental in Urban Zen’s partnership with the UZIT Program. In this capacity, she is responsible for advertising, marketing and communications initiatives that support the public awareness campaign created to enhance the image of the nursing profession, recruit new nurses and nurse faculty, and retain nurses currently in the profession. Higham’s work on this effort has resulted in raising millions of dollars for nursing scholarships, programs and faculty fellowships, as well as national recognition from numerous corporate, media and health care organizations.

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