Bringing Health, Healing and Haiti to the Hamptons

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Hamptons luncheon v6 Bringing Health, Healing and Haiti to the Hamptons
This weekend was all about bringing health, healing and Haiti to the Hamptons. It began at Tutto il Giorno in Southampton, where I had the pleasure of hosting a luncheon with my daughter Gabby, Cristina Cuomo and Peggy Siegal. The event brought together a community of women to break bread, connect and discuss the possibilities borne out of philanthropy, commerce and culture. It was a full-on sensory experience from the curation of work by Haitian artisans (who we collaborate with to create gorgeous product), to the models who moved fluidly throughout the room wearing the Urban Zen collection, to the delicious, seasonal menu.

The meal began with Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Yoga Directors Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee leading guests in a meditation. This is exactly the kind of well-being that is a fundamental part of the work Urban Zen is doing to shift the healthcare paradigm. It was inspired by my husband Stephan and now our UZITs are spreading across the country, including Southampton hospital.

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haiti hamptons child THE HAMPTONS FOR HAITI EVENT

DATE: Sunday, July 17th

TIME: 12:00PM – 3:00PM
LOCATION: The Ross School
18 Goodfriend Drive,
East Hampton, New York

Donna Karan and Urban Zen Foundation is excited to join We Advance and Global DIRT in hosting an event to raise funds toward establishing the first ever ambulance service, and their continuing work in Cité Soleil, Haiti – the poorest slum in the western hemisphere.

We Advance, co-founded by actress Maria Bello in January 2010, after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, it is a micro-NGO that seeks to empower the mind, body and spirits of Haitian women. They work in Cité Soleil because as founding partner and Haitian activist, Barbara Guillaume said, “If we can change the worst of Haiti we can change all of Haiti.” The clinic they manage services hundreds of women and children a week with health care, community outreach, English classes, and play programs.

Global DIRT is a micro-NGO was also founded in January 2010. Founder Adam Marllat and fellow Marine, Robert Sullivan both responded to the disaster in Haiti within its first week and have been on the ground ever since. Using their experience as members of the United States Marine Corps, they have constructed a small, all-volunteer force dedicated to providing immediate assistance to victims of disasters all around the globe.

The Afternoon will include, Brunch, Cocktails, a Live Auction
and musical performance by “The DIVA of Haiti” Barbara Guillaume

To Purchase Tickets CLICK HERE

GOLD: $1000 includes 1 ticket to the event with VIP area access and a voucher for a gift bag (limited number available)
SILVER: $500 includes 1 ticket to the event, and a voucher for a gift bag (limited number available)
BRONZE: $275 includes 1 ticket to the event

For more information please visit:
Global DIRT
We Advance
The Ross Scool

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