This Week’s Community Highlights: Celebrating Children & Education

Last Updated on Friday, 24 February 2012 05:53 Written by Urban Zen Friday, 24 February 2012 05:53

community highlights 02.24.122 This Weeks Community Highlights: Celebrating Children & Education

One of the great passions of the Urban Zen Foundation is exploring the ways in which innovative education can create real avenues toward children’s empowerment. It’s a part of Donna Karan’s heart and it is integral to the mission of the foundation. This week, our conversations with our online community skewed toward this important topic and we were inspired and motivated by the insights of our Twitter family. @4ArabChildren tweeted about the unique ability children have to educate themselves and @IshaAggarwal touched on how true education needs to encompass more than just academics – a belief that is held near and dear by our founder. We tweeted with our friends from @righttoplayusa and shared some great #twitpics of Donna’s recent trip, where she had the opportunity to explore children’s education in Haiti.

It’s been another great week of dynamic conversations! We look forward to continuing the dialogue with you online.

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Giving Love & Creating Hope at the Henri Christophe Community School in Haiti

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On a recent trip to Haiti, Donna had the opportunity to visit the Henri Christophe Community School in Léogâne and the experience resonated with her in a very real way as this school embodies the holistic approach to education that Donna believes in.

Not only is the school piloting programs like the environmental educational program, they are also connecting and collaborating with wonderful people and organizations so that they can be a conduit for positive change and growth in Haiti. One such organization is Give Love, run by our friend Patricia Arquette. Haiti Partners connected with Patricia to install and pilot composting latrines at Henri Christophe. It was such an inspiring thing to see in action and we wanted to share more of the details with you here. We invite you to watch the video above to learn more about Give Love’s work at the Henri Christophe Community School.

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The Children for Children Haiti Project

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children The Children for Children Haiti Project

Often, our Founder Donna Karan, will speak about her vision for education; about her belief that true learning must expand beyond just reading, writing and arithmatic to include the mind, body and spirit. Children need tactile, experiential learning; they need to learn from their relationships and from diverse cultures and people groups.

It is with these thoughts in mind that we share with you our Children for Children Haiti Project. This project has been designed to connect children through creativity, generosity and a healthy curiosity for new, unexplored cultures.

Here, Urban Zen Team Member Chiara Bombieri-Morales shares her vision:

Allison Rapson: Can you tell us about the project?

Chiara Bombieri-Morales: I am currently working on a project called the Children for Children Haiti Project. The project involves children (grades 3-8) at the Rudolf Steiner School in NYC to create hand-crafted children’s toys that will be donated to orphans in Haiti for Christmas. With the support of the school’s handwork teacher, Mary Lynn Lorinz, children have been making hacky sacks, hand-knit woolen balls, and felted frisbees amongst other things.

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