Urban Zen Founder Donna Karan honored at Parsons 2012 Fashion Benefit

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 May 2012 01:06 Written by Urban Zen Thursday, 3 May 2012 12:38

DKaranSJohnson BFA Urban Zen Founder Donna Karan honored at Parsons 2012 Fashion Benefit

We are always excited to share the events filling our calendars and the happenings that keep us energized. Last night was a particularly notable evening for the Urban Zen family as our founder, Donna Karan, was honored at the Parsons The New School for Design Fashion Benefit. Donna was honored with entrepreneur, philanthropist and Urban Zen supporter Sheila C. Johnson (read about Sheila’s trip to Haiti with Donna here).

The Fashion Benefit, now in its 64th year, raised nearly $1.4 million for scholarships and programs at Parsons – which is not only very promising news for budding young designers everwhere, but also makes an important statement on how creativity, beauty and artistic expression remain valued in our culture.

Parsons Runway Urban Zen Founder Donna Karan honored at Parsons 2012 Fashion Benefit

While at the Benefit, Donna expressed her gratitude for beginning her journey at Parsons saying, “Parsons gave me my start in the industry, and to be able to support future designers is incredibly important to me. I am particularly excited to be honored with Sheila, who has been so instrumental to the success of Parsons, as well as to celebrate the first graduating class of the new MFA in Fashion Design and Society.”

We are thrilled to see creativity being celebrated and to see our founder honored for her iconic, inspiring work within the design community!

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CNN’s Alina Cho Interviews Donna Karan

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 February 2012 05:17 Written by Urban Zen Thursday, 16 February 2012 01:37

cnn interview CNNs Alina Cho Interviews Donna Karan

Recently, we had the privilege of hosting CNN‘s Alino Cho at the Urban Zen Center for an interview with our founder, Donna Karan. Together, Alina and Donna had a captivating conversation that spanned Donna’s life, touching on the pivotal moments that have inspired Donna to become the woman she is today. Not only did they discuss Donna’s life as a designer, they explored the passions that fill Donna’s world now – her love for all that Urban Zen is and her heart for Haiti.

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The Children for Children Haiti Project

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children The Children for Children Haiti Project

Often, our Founder Donna Karan, will speak about her vision for education; about her belief that true learning must expand beyond just reading, writing and arithmatic to include the mind, body and spirit. Children need tactile, experiential learning; they need to learn from their relationships and from diverse cultures and people groups.

It is with these thoughts in mind that we share with you our Children for Children Haiti Project. This project has been designed to connect children through creativity, generosity and a healthy curiosity for new, unexplored cultures.

Here, Urban Zen Team Member Chiara Bombieri-Morales shares her vision:

Allison Rapson: Can you tell us about the project?

Chiara Bombieri-Morales: I am currently working on a project called the Children for Children Haiti Project. The project involves children (grades 3-8) at the Rudolf Steiner School in NYC to create hand-crafted children’s toys that will be donated to orphans in Haiti for Christmas. With the support of the school’s handwork teacher, Mary Lynn Lorinz, children have been making hacky sacks, hand-knit woolen balls, and felted frisbees amongst other things.

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