Donna Karan Visits the Farber Center

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farber web Donna Karan Visits the Farber Center
Last month, Donna Karan visited The Farber Center for Radiation Oncology, meeting the Farber team and patients, to see the integrative practice at work. Characteristically, Donna expressed interest in every aspect of the center including how patients find themselves at The Farber Center, the range of insurance that is accepted, how the doctors and staff guard against professional burnout, and even how the treatment beds operate.

Founder, Dr. Leonard Farber was on hand to show Donna the state-of-the art facility and share his commitment to treating the patient, not just the disease. “The visit with Donna Karan was most rewarding for the patients here. It added another degree of tangibility to tie her in to her Urban Zen program, which the patients already enjoy wholeheartedly. We hope that Donna’s visit will culminate in a further expansion of the UZIT program at The Farber Center for Radiation Oncology.”

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Jennifer Owens on Experiencing the UZIT Program

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jennifer owens Jennifer Owens on Experiencing the UZIT Program
My Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) experience as a practitioner and patient, simultaneously, has led to deeper understanding of my body and its capabilities and the need for loving-kindness from within. Though short lived, my time as a UZIT student have left me with invaluable knowledge and, because of this, I will be eternally grateful to Twitter, as well as all of the mentors and teachers of the program.

Yes, I said Twitter! It was a random, regular day for me. I was browsing my Twitter timeline when I stumbled across a tweet from the fabulous Kris Carr mentioning @Urban_Zen. I felt compelled to find out whom or what Urban Zen was all about. One click led to another, and soon I learned about the Urban Zen Integrative Therapist program.

In the words of Oprah Winfrey, this was an “ah-ha” moment for me. Could it be that there are others who feel the same way I do about healthcare? I believe healthcare should be a personalized combination of healing modalities. Why can’t I go to my oncologist and say to him, “I’m taking astralagus and ginseng for immunity strengthening and overall improvement in energy,” without feeling dismissed? I believe that proper nutrition, exercise, and the mind-body-spirituality connection should be addressed at every doctor’s appointment. pull quote Jennifer Owens on Experiencing the UZIT Program

When I saw this opportunity to become a conduit for change, my heart sang! Even though I wasn’t qualified according to the requirements listed,
I felt UZIT was for me. My heart sank when I saw the deadline had passed. Alas, The Johnson & Johnson Campaign For Nursing’s Future gave me a glimmer of hope. They were offering a scholarship to five nurses to attend the yearlong program. I was encouraged to apply for the scholarship anyway. Having nothing to lose, I uploaded a video, sans make-up and hair and sent it in hopes that my sincerity and eagerness to learn would be clearly communicated in my voice and body language. I said a prayer and went on about my daily routine.

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A Gift to the Community

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yct 350 A Gift to the Community
by Luana DeAngelis-Halpern, Founder/President of You Can Thrive!

You Can Thrive! provides a weekly forum for community members to volunteer to help their neighbors with breast cancer receive access to integrative care, “when they need it most and can afford it least”. The Grand Re-opening event on December 4th, 2011 saw a partnering with the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program. Through this outstanding event, not only did we care for the women in our community undergoing a cancer diagnosis, we cared for the caretakers of these women — because we all know that caretaking is a stressful situation. That day over 80 UZIT and other treatments were offered!

The climate in the waiting room was one of bliss and love. The clients who came for treatment floated out to find a lovely cancer fighting meal, and I heard so many times the statement “I never want to leave”. The UZITs contacted me and remarked how much they enjoyed the experience, and a large percentage of them have expressed a desire to go back on a regular basis to give service. The survivors were full of gratitude and received such amazing benefits from the therapy provided, as did the volunteers; proving that in giving we receive. The holiday community service day is a great opportunity to really get to be a part of something altruistic and rewarding for everyone.

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