Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Please join the Urban Zen Foundation in welcoming Dr. Mark Hyman and his workshop on DIABESITY.

The full spectrum of mild insulin resistance to end-state diabetes—what Dr. Hyman calls “Diabesity”—affects over 1 billion people worldwide. From 1983 to 2008 there has been a seven-fold increase in diabetes, and that number does not include the 50 percent of diabetics and nearly all pre-diabetics who go undiagnosed.

The consequences of Metabolic Syndrome (cardiovascular disease, cancer and dementia) are emerging as the major driver of most chronic diseases associated with aging. Emerging research clarifies the underlying causes of this insulin-resistance pandemic to include our country’s refined, nutrient-poor, high-glycemic diet; our sedentary lifestyle; and the chronic stress placed on us. Current strategies of pharmacologic intervention have proven to be ineffective or harmful. A whole host of other factors—environmental toxins, food sensitivities, hormonal dysregulation, gut microbiology, latent infections, nutrient deficiencies and abnormal gene expression—provide important diagnostic considerations and avenues for therapeutic intervention.

Please join Dr. Hyman for a full-day workshop and learn why a whole systems approach based on Functional Medicine provides a methodology for a comprehensive approach to this life-threatening and economically crippling modern disease.

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