THE THORN TREE PROJECT: 9th Annual African Bazaar & Silent Auction
Saturday, 12 March 2011

thorntree web THE THORN TREE PROJECT: 9th Annual African Bazaar & Silent Auction

DATE: Thursday, May 5th
TIME: 6:00PM – 9:30PM
LOCATION: Urban Zen Center
711 Greenwich Street, New York City


On May 5th The Thorn Tree Project will be bringing four warriors from the Samburu Tribe to Urban Zen in New York. This will be the Samburu Warriors’ first excursion outside the remote Sereolipi region of Northern Kenya. The warriors will dance their traditional tribal dances and sing.

This evening will feature an African Bazaar. Wooden bowls carved by the warriors, five types of bracelets and necklaces beaded by the Samburu mothers, colorful kangas and kikoys (Kenya’s traditional sarongs), woven kikapu baskets (perfect for the beach) will be sold. Additionally, there will be the inclusion of a silent auction full of amazing, unique art and photography, in addition to dinners at gourmet restaurants, club memberships, and luxury spa packages. There will also be designer furniture and accessories for the home and fabulous vacations to Europe and Africa.

Jane Newman was introduced to the nomadic Samburu tribe of Northern Kenya when the Land Rover she was in broke down in their village. She stayed with the tribe until her car was fixed and was won over by their kindness and generosity. The tribe had two primary schools that were ill equipped and poorly attended, but it was their dream to improve their children’s schools and education. Through Jane’s work with the tribe and the establishment of the Sereolipi Nomadic Education Foundation, the number of children in the 12 preschools and primary schools in the area has gone from 132 in 2001 to over 1,300 in 2010. All donations from the benefit go directly to the education of the Samburu children – there is no overhead that comes out of your donations.

The money raised last year went to improving the academic performance primary school students. The Thorn Tree Project wants all of their students to get good enough grades to be accepted to the top secondary schools in Kenya. Last year’s money paid for 9 extra teachers, a nutritionally balanced breakfast and dinner, camels to provide every child with a glass of milk each day, reading books, solar lighting for evening preps and money to renovate classrooms. Academic performance has increased by an amazing 80%. And, of course, the continued funding of the Nesesai preschool, which still takes place under a thorn tree, and is the namesake of the organization – The Thorn Tree Project.

1 school uniform $8
1 treated mosquito net $10
1 mattress $25
1 desk $30
1 set of text books for 1 child $50
1 metal bunk bed $140
1 camel $200
1 solar panel and battery $800
1 new classroom $12,000
Breakfast for 1 child for 1 year $20

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